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Dental Practice Management on Autopilot

See How 2Dental Can Help Your Practice And Your Patients

2Dental is a software solution that integrates seamlessly with your practice management software (e.g. Dentrix, EagleSoft, etc). The solution includes a patient/staff/provider mobile app and web interface so that you and your staff can efficiently manage your dental office in one place without jumping from one service to another. In addition to the tools that we offer, our AI works side-by-side your staff to actually do many of the tasks that otherwise your staff would need to do so that they can focus on patients who are in the office.

2Dental Helps Your Office By:

AI-powered mobile app for patients for scheduling, treatment and recall followups, and many more.

Our AI can help you and your team to improve treatment acceptance, reduce churn and increase new patients.

Our AI auto-creates and assigns various tasks to your staff while monitoring their performance.

Appointment reminders/confirmation, insurance eligibility, patient communication (email/sms/phone), credit-card processing and HR.


Treatment Acceptance

Increase treatment acceptance by 25%.


More New Patients

95% more new patients through word of mouth.


Lower Office Overhead

Reduce staff overhead by 30% while improving efficiency.


Lower Churn

Patients will stay with your practice for 35% longer.


AI for Dentists

We use artificial intelligence to assign a score to each patient based on past and recommended treatments. The score helps patients easily understand and quantify the value of recommended treatments which reduces the unscheduled treatments by 25%.


Smart Follow-ups and Reminders

Not only we send multi-channel reminders to patients to confirm their upcoming appointments, but our AI-assisted platform sends smart follow-up messages to patients for various other purposes like completing unscheduled treatments, booking recalls and more.


Office and Staff Management

Our AI can take over many of the responsibilities of your office manager to help her/him focus on other tasks. The AI can automatically create tasks like 'patient follow-up, calling insurances, etc' for your staff and monitor that the tasks are being done. It can also help your staff to actually perform those tasks.


Concierge Features for Patients

Make your patients fall in love with your practice by unique features like reimbursed Uber rides to/from their appointments, in-app Starbucks giftcards, access to their Xrays and many more.

How does 2Dental compare with other services?

It is rather difficult to compare 2Dental with other services as they are limited in scope. For example, they offer ``appointment reminders`` as a feature. However, for us the goal is to ``make sure patients come in`` which entails a collection of features to achieve that goal. 2Dental is goal oriented and not feature-oriented. Having said that, the following chart gives you an idea of how 2Dental compares with other products.


  • iPhone/Android app for patients

  • Online scheduling (app and website)

  • AI-based Office Manager

  • Appointment confirmation and reminder

  • Unscheduled treatment follow up

  • AI-calculated dental score

  • Phone system

  • Two-way messaging via sms/email

  • Collaborative unified inbox for staff

  • Customized email marketing

  • AI-assisted automatic email marketing

  • Insurance eligibility verification

  • Reimbursed Uber rides for patients

  • Credit/Debit card processing

  • Yelp/Google reputation management

  • Paperless signature for informed consent

  • Medical and dental history

  • Patient/staff mobility for multi-locations

  • Manage employment contracts

  • Staff clock in/out

  • Track staff bonus automatically

  • Payroll management




Why Are We Different?

If you have your own practice, you know that the challenges of running the business constantly interfere with providing a great experience to your patients. Short of hiring an army of extremely competent staff (which is not financially feasible), it is difficult to guarantee that patients are always taken care of; and even then the currently available outdated software tools get in the way of your staff and make them inefficient. We combined the power of Artificial Intelligence with our experience in running a successful dental brand to create 2Dental. What makes us different is that we challenged ourselves to ensure that both our patients and staff love it before making it public.

2Dental propelled a 6x growth in revenue over 2 years for Soothing Dental

2Dental came from our experience with running our own dental offices, Soothing Dental. We are sure that 2Dental can seamlessly help your practice simply because it helped ours.

Production per channel (all times)
Patient Churn
Net Promoter Score (Customer Love)

Try it for Free! No Longterm Contract afterwards.

We are so sure that you'll love our solution that we don't want to lock you in. Our solution is the only service that you need (in addition to your practice management software like Dentrix, EagleSoft, etc). Unlike other solutions we don't just give you the tools to manage your office. We also give you an AI (in combination with the tools) to perform the tasks too. Our product is not just a toolset. It is actual results for you, your practice and your patients. You can cancel it at any time. But we are sure you won't!

    • Core
    • Modernize and save
      • Patient App
      • Online Booking
      • Oral Health Score
      • Confirmation and Reminder
      • Office Inbox (email, sms, chat)
      • Unscheduled Treatment Follow Up
      • Dental Visit Feedback
    • Comprehensive
    • Stand out
      • Everything in the core plan
      • AI-based Office Manager
      • Actionable Reports
      • Insurance Eligibility Verification
      • Reimburse Uber Rides
      • Phone system
      • Credit/Debit Processing (in-office and online)
      • Manage Yelp/Google reputation
      • Starbucks Rewards
      • e-Signature for Informed Consent
      • In-app Medical/Dental History
    • Concierge
    • Reduce Risk and Overhead
      • Everything in the comprehensive plan
      • Support for multi-location
        • Unified view of all offices
        • Patient and staff mobility
      • Hirings and terminations
      • Clocking in/out through the app
      • Payroll management
      • Manage employment contracts for staff
      • Office bonus tracking