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Soothing Dental
A Comprehensive Case Study

Learn how to grow your dental business by reading how Soothing Dental went from $90K per month to $600K per month in 2.5 years.

How did Soothing Dental do it?

It used to be ``open an office, do good dental work and they'll come``. That doesn't hold anymore specially in saturated markets. Soothing Dental provides unique services like reimbursed Uber rides to its patients (through 2Dental) that makes them stand out amongst other dental offices.

Soothing Dental not only provides great dentistry, it also makes sure that the pre and post appointment experience is amazing. This ranges from how they book their first appointment to how they get to the office and how easy it is to talk to their providers or staff.

To be able to grow and provide a great service to more patients is only possible if you actually run a profitable business. Soothing Dental used technology to automate administrative tasks to reduce overhead while improving treatment acceptance which led to a higher production-per-patient.

Soothing Dental in a Glance

Here is what Soothing Dental achieved in only 2.5 years by using 2Dental.

Active Patients

Soothing Dental sees more than 300 new patients between their 4 locations in Bay Area.

Collection ($)

Soothing Dental offices have more than 97% collection ratio.

Bottom Line (%)

Many Bay Area dental practices lose money for the first few years until they get to 20%-30% bottom line in 6+ years.

Total Production
Production from patients w_wo insurance